Saturday 10 March 2012

SeaRail 19 One Design specifications are now available!

Lines by Nigel Irens and team!

The Standard SeaRail 19 One Design Package:

  • Aluminum Rig - watertight w/halyard lock
  • Boomless Main (16m2)
  • Roller Furling Jib (7.7m2)
  • Self Tacking Jib System
  • Cunningham system
  • Traveler Track with single line control car
  • 6:1 Main sheet system
  • Rotator control tackle
  • Tiller extension
  • Dyneema knotless netting w/hiking straps (100 ft2 total netting)
  • Synthetic cap-shrouds
  • Mast raising system
  • Forward and aft mast supports
  • Composite daggerboard/kick-up rudder
  • Composite rudder case and tiller handle
  • Lockable watertight companionway hatch
  • V-storage/single berth/location for a porta potty
  • Demountable/folding system - folds on the trailer only
  • Galvanized cradle with wheels, axles and foam covered fiberglass hull supports
  • This standard SeaRail19 package retails for USD27,990
Optional Gear:
  • Spinnaker Kit - Furling Spinnaker, Spinnaker pole, tack block, bobstay, Ronstan continuous line furler and 4 ratchet control blocks: USD1,950
  • Cradle/Trailer conversion kit - includes spring kit, lights, hitch coupler, fenders, license bracket: USD670
  • Padded D/B Bag: USD75
  • Bunk Board: USD135
  • Second Tiller Extension: USD140
  • Outboard Mount: To be advised
  • Porta Potty: USD195
Key Statistics
  • Length of hull: 5800mm (19')
  • Beam unfold: 4455mm (14' 6")
  • Beam fold: 1800mm (6' 11")
  • Mast length: 9115mm (29' 10")
  • Weight: Under 300kg (650 lb) 
Sail Area
  • Main: 16sqm (172sqf)
  • R/F jib: 7.7sqm (83sqf)
  • Spinnaker: 22sqm (236sqf)
The boat folds and unfolds very easily with two people - I can do it myself! The beam/float system only weighs approx 100#'s per side so, with two people, it's a breeze. It should take no more than 15 minutes from parking lot to water.

  • The initial deposit is USD10,000
Thank you for your interest!

Phil Medley

To see the Specifications Page for the SeaRail 19, click onto the Specs Page of this website.


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