SeaRail 19

Together time. Photo, Peter McGowan.

SeaRail 19

Family time. Photo, Peter McGowan.

SeaRail 19

Freedom time. Photo, Peter McGowan.

SeaRail 19

Thinking time. Photo, Peter McGowan.

SeaRail 19

Trailerable. Photo, Peter McGowan.

SeaRail 19

SeaRail 19.

Saturday 6 October 2012

Video - setting up SeaRail 19

A new video showing how simple it is to set up and launch the SeaRail 19 has just been released.

The video was made by our US Distributor, the Multihull Source.

To view the video, click here.

You will be amazed.

Friday 5 October 2012

Annapolis Boat Show opens for SeaRail 19

The SeaRail 19 at Annapolis yesterday.
The Annapolis Sail Boat Show, the biggest sail boat show in the United States opened yesterday and the SeaRail 19 was there on display.

Click here for photographs!

The Nigel Irens' designed SeaRail 19 has also been nominated for Sailing World magazine's 2013 Boat of the Year.

Bob Gleason from the Multihull Source is the SeaRail 19's authorised distributor in the US.

To see photographs of the SeaRail 19 in Annapolis, click here. reports on Annapolis

On 6 October 2012,'s newsletter reported on some new offerings at the Annapolis Sail Boat Show, including the SeaRail 19:

"Interestingly, this year has also delivered some fine new offerings of the multihull variety, including... the SeaRail 19... which look(s) like... (it) could help you taunt your local harbormaster with high-speed tomfoolery. Whether this influx of multi-hulls has been spurred by the (fairly) recent changes to the America's Cup or simply by the general public's greater awareness of boats with multiple hulls, U.S. sailors now have... (another) great option when considering a go-fast toy."

Click here for original article.

Monday 1 October 2012

Video of SeaRail 19 released!

The much anticipated video of the SeaRail 19 on its first sail has just been released on You Tube.

Click on the link to view!

The SeaRail 19 is a new exciting, affordable, light weight, trailerable trimaran built to cater to a wide range of sailors.

The SeaRail 19 already has distributors in the United States and Europe.

United States
Bob Gleason / Ira Heller
The Multihull Source
3 Narrows Road
P.O. Box 951, Wareham, MA 02571
Phone: 508-295-0095
Fax 508-295-9082

Germany, Europe
Mr Werner Stolz
Wettersteinstrasse 16
Taufkirchen D-82024 Germany
Phone: 49-89-3082344
Fax: 49-89-3002253

All other enquiries

Please contact SeaRail 19 direct.

Stunning photos of SeaRail 19 just released

Peter McGowan has just taken the first professional photos of the amazing SeaRail 19 One Design.

Click here to see more photos from Peter in our SeaRail 19 photo album.

More photos and video to follow!