Tuesday, 1 November 2016


The SeaRail team is pleased to announce the appointment of Bob Bilger as our newest sales representative.

With 50 years of personal sailing experience, finishing 1st in local, regional, national and world championships on an extremely wide variety of sailboats including ice boating; Bob Bilger has a new focus and passion, the SeaRail 19Having been a dealer for Nacra, Capri and S-2 Yachts as well as racing and testing boats for multiple catamaran manufactures nationwide, including extreme events such as Worrel 1000, Ice boating and the Olympic Tornado class . . . . .  racing, ultimate performance and being on the edge are his true calling!  The SeaRail 19 is the very first Trimaran that is worthy of his attention, so much so that he has signed on to represent and sell this simple but high performance Trimaran!  Bilger sincerely believes from a Summer spent testing it personally that the SeaRail is the best all around sailing experience that offers the ability for everyone at any level of sailing education to safely and easily experience performance and speed, while single handing or sharing it with others on board.  "This is the first Trimaran that honestly has performance, speed and is easy to sail" . . . . "completely changed my viewpoint on Trimarans" !

Contact Bilger anytime for details, demonstration and purchase of the most completely well thought out Trimaran in the market today!

Bob Bilger
Lake Minnetonka, MN
612 889 8001  USA  cell


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